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20 Education Topics to Consider for Your Dissertation

An important part of the doctoral journey is the dissertation. Not only does it validate your understanding of your course, but it is also a chance to contribute to the overall knowledge of your field. The dissertation is supposed to fill in the gaps of the current body of knowledge. By discovering the hows or whys of particular issues, you can be of help to people right now.

The importance of this is particularly true for anyone who is about to create a dissertation in the field of education. Around the world, there are many things educators and administrators are still trying to figure out. So if this is your field, you should think long and hard about an interesting topic that can greatly contribute to learners worldwide.

But in case you are still stumped about what to choose, the following are some potential education topics you can use or tweak for your paper.

1. Some toddlers attend nursery as early as 2 or 3 years old. Do such children have more of an advantage than others?

2. Do subject matter review centers significantly increase a student’s knowledge of the subject?

3. Should upper elementary students be allowed to choose electives they are interested in?

4. Because of the so-called mental benefits to bilinguals, should students in English-speaking countries be required to take up a foreign language while in elementary school?

5. Should universities include practical skill subjects to better prepare graduates for life?

6. Some say that the topics in elementary and high school are more advanced than before. Is this hurting students?

7. Would a particular region benefit if the education system was the same in all countries there?

8. Some companies require an employee to obtain a post-graduate degree before he or she is promoted. Is this fair?

9. Are employees with post-graduate degrees really better than those without them?

10. Students regularly complain about the quality of teachers. Is there a better way to screen potential teachers?

11. Is there a difference in quality between those who obtain a Master’s degree online and those who gain them by attending a university?

12. What can high schools do to better develop a student’s EQ?

13. Is the lack of discipline at school the reason why there are more delinquents?

14. How can schools better help students with severe learning disabilities?

15. Should community development be a required subject in high school?

16. Because of the changing sleeping patterns of students, should high school begin at a later time?

17. How can bullying be minimized in junior high school?

18. Are students who attend gender-exclusive schools more at an advantage academically?

19. Should religion be included in public schools?

20. Is sex education at school helping or hurting students?


So those were 20 interesting topics to consider for your education dissertation. You may use them as they are or modify them according to your needs. Remember, any discovery you make in your paper adds to the overall knowledge of education, so create a great dissertation so that everyone can benefit from it. And remember, no matter which subjects you choose, our professionals at Thesis Helpers will always help you with a dissertation, thesis, or coursework writing.