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A university will not grant you a degree until and unless you worked hard for it. The same applies to a PhD candidate but it is much tougher in their case. The most important thing about PhD is to tell the world about study and work. So, when will you get the chance to tell it? Yes, it is the time of defense.

Writing a dissertation and then defending it are two different things. Writing requires critical analysis and in how you explain the choices you made while the presentation of the dissertation defense, you have to be ready to defend yourself about why you make those choices. Looks scary, right? If you are a PhD candidate then probably you have gone through a lot then dissertation defense is another challenge to get through this journey.

Before going into golden tips of how to prepare for dissertation defense, let’s dig into what dissertation defense is? It is the meeting of other Ph.D. scholars and with some other committee members in which you have to defend your work which includes different aspects of your study, methodology, and discusses literature. Afterward, there will be a question & answer session between you and the committee. There are 2 outcomes of defense, Pass or failure. Of course, you don’t want to waste those hectic days of Ph.D. So, the following are tips that are suggestion to Ph.D. student:

  1. See Recording of other candidates

At the point when you see another person defending the thesis, you’ll understand that there’s nothing to worry about the interaction. Besides, you’ll comprehend why it’s important. It’s not just about the competitor, the college, and the board. It’s about the scholastic local area and the commitments that this study makes. This will help you to prepare mentally.

  1. Structure your content

Before starting the slides, you need to organize your content. For that spend as much time as you can and think about which section requires the most time. Make sure to cover your presentation in a limited time. Summarize the points and add data easy to comprehend.

  1. Spend time on making slides

Organizing the material will help you in making slides. The slides should be in a good structure. Moreover, don’t add complicated words to it. Keep it as simple as positive. Understandably explain the facts. This is time taking and spends your time making good slides. Think about making it attractive or not. Adding too much color will make you look immature so the design should be normal.

  1. Do some practicing

Practice in front of your colleague and friends and know their opinions. Invite them and prepare some food for them. Give your presentation as a practice and request them to ask questions. Their feedback will be quite valuable.

  1. Prepare a list of questions

Going to other competitors’ open conversations will likewise assist you with accepting the defense questions. You will get a rough idea of which type of questions can be asked. Focus on the methodology of the board individuals and you’ll sort out how they ordinarily treat their Ph.D. candidate.

The significant thing to remember is that they are doing whatever it takes not to baffle you. They aim to grow your significant aspects on the topic.

  1. Learn from your mistakes

No one is perfect at delivering a presentation. Cover your mistakes as much as you can in your practice. It is important to stay on track rather than to be resting. Mistakes can create frustration in you. Don’t let your guard down and breathe deeply. Relax and handle it perfectly. Everyone makes mistakes but the winner is the one who knows how to handle them.

  1. Get some rest

It is obvious the pressure among scholars is high but don’t worry. Don’t let anxiety take control of you. It will make you even more nervous and you will end the presentation as soon as possible. This will make you embarrass. So, relax and have some rest. Get sleep before the night of the presentation so feel fresh on the next day.

Satisfied to read the tips? If yes, then start your journey and work hard for it.  

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